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Welcome Back Tiger

March 17, 2010

Look, I’m not his wife. I’m not his parent. I’m not his brother and I am damn sure not Elin. Therefor, my take on it is, its not for me to judge the reason why or worst off, feel like your owed an apology or believe you should have a one on one with Tiger.

I’m a golf fan. I also am a Tiger fan.

I am also a sports fan, and I am not one that believes that athletes should be hero’s or beacons of moral rights. They play their game at such a high level that I couldnt even imagine. I watch and cheer in amazement and sometimes in frustration. But that is where it ends. To all the holy high rollers, I am very sorry to say this to you, but, actually you aren’t deserved an explanation. If you don’t like him for what he did, find someone else. Move on, get past it. He has to answer to those that I spoke of in the beginning. And that must be harder than talking to you.

Best of luck to you Tiger, go put the smack down to Ernie Els